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Aviation Links
I recommend these links for IFR students and Pilots.
Controlled Flight Into Terrain IFR Communications Tidbits

NTSB Single Engine Partial Panel. This extensive report (ERA13FA088, Parkton, NC, 12/16/2012, Piper Warrior) is related to single pilot partial panel and declaring (or lack thereof) an emergency. The full docket can be retrieved here: http://dms.ntsb.gov/pubdms/search/hitlist.cfm?docketID=54336 The probable cause was: "The failure of the instrument-rated pilot to maintain control of the airplane while in instrument meteorological conditions after reporting a gyro malfunction. Contributing to the accident was the loss of primary gyro flight instruments due to the failure of the vacuum pump, the inadequate assistance provided by FAA ATC personnel, and the inadequate recurrent training of FAA ATC personnel in recognizing and responding to in-flight emergency situations." Key Files from the NTSB website:

Carnahan_fullNtsbReport.pdf - Mel Carnahan Accident, 2000 (loss of control, IMC Partial Panel)

IFR Rating - Gant Chart - MUST READ

Various Files for IFR Students

ifr_oral_questions_wanswers.doc - About 70 questions for the IFR Oral

HistoryOfInstrumentFlightProcedures.doc - A history of instrument flight procedures

Instrument Approach Procedures in an iPad World (2013, Journal of Navigation, Tuccio) - Background on instrument approach procedure development and how procedures work in electronic form.

2006, Superseded Known Icing Interpretation by FAA. This is what superseded it: 2009, Most Recent Known Icing Interpretation.

http://www.faa.gov/pilots/safety/media/ga_weather_decision_making.pdf - Weather Briefing Guidelines

Holding Lesson and Holding Lesson Matrix

ILS Knowledge: AltimetryAirspeeds.pdf - Discussion of Altimetry and Airspeeds, including terminology.

GNS430_PilotsGuide.pdf - Garmin 430 Pilots Guide

ADS-B, Stormscope, and Visual Thunderstorm Avoidance (YouTube and Narrative)